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Staying ahead of the curve with content marketing

Marketing is about more than just acquiring new clients. While that’s a critical end-goal, neglecting your existing clients means you’re missing opportunities to grow your accounting or bookkeeping business in other ways.

Using our knowledge of all things marketing, we’ve put together this blog to help firms of any size or stage of growth use content marketing to assist clients with the right information at the right time and raise awareness of your firm's expertise.


Use content marketing at all stages of business growth

Content marketing is valuable from start-up through to established firms. For accounting and bookkeeping firms just starting, your foot is probably firmly on the marketing pedal. You’ve got workload and profit targets to hit, so taking on new clients is a top priority. You go hard and fast to acquire new clients, and as you grow and your client base builds, you might ease back on the gas and stop putting so much time and effort into your marketing.

The benefit of content marketing, however, is that it serves clients and prospects alike - no matter what stage of growth your firm is in. For existing clients, it might be useful guidance on challenges they're facing, highlighting services and expertise you can offer them, and motivating them to get in touch. For prospects, it builds trust so that when they're looking for an accounting or bookkeeping firm, you're the obvious choice. Content marketing keeps your firm's brand relevant and searchable online.

Content marketing keeps your accounting or bookkeeping firm top of mind for existing and new clients.




Add extra value beyond the numbers

Gone are the days where business owners rocked up to their accountant’s office once a year with their books and receipts in hand. Now, modern business owners want an accountant who not only helps them tick the compliance checkboxes but can act as a trusted advisor. Steve Jobs once said, "people don’t know what they want until you show it to them". This is very true in the accounting / advisory world. You can add value for both clients and prospects by sharing content that informs, guides, explains, and supports. When your content resonates with a client or helps your prospect, you build loyalty and promote business growth.

Content consumption doubled in 2020!

Some experts argue that Bill Gates’ prediction of ‘content is king’ is no longer valid, but search engines still crave content – and people do too. Content consumption is soaring, and it’s one of the most effective ways to connect and engage with your clients online.

The key is creating and sharing quality content – original, accurate, and engaging, avoiding pointless keyword-stuffing and adding value by answering questions. Consistently creating and sharing content that is professional, well-written, and utilises keywords, will increase your rank on search engine results pages and help build your reputation.

Here are some ways to add value beyond the numbers:

  • Post regular blog content – write about the topics that are most relevant or pressing to your existing client base or your chosen client niches and industries
  • Keep clients up to date through social media – use Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to post regular social updates around topical events and issues of the day
  • Give away practical guides and content – offer step-by-step advice on key issues, such as improving cashflow, accessing finance, or dealing with new technology
  • Run events and webinars – meet clients, whether in person or online, and share your expertise with them in the most direct and effective ways

Content marketing is about your brand experience too

In a competitive market like accounting, you won’t always be a business owner’s only choice. In other words, establishing your brand is key to ensuring you attract clients – but more importantly, keep them too! You’ve worked hard to win every client and that’s the very reason why you should continue to market your accounting or bookkeeping firm.

Content marketing provides the tools to keep you competitive, present your practice to the world in a way that best reflects your brand, values, and unique characteristics, and stay in touch with your clients regularly.

Here’s how:

  • Write regular blog posts – share your key thoughts, opinions, and practical advice on the topics and pain points that matter most to your clients and industry niches (and make sure these are fresh, honest opinions, not regurgitated content)
  • Share valuable content with clients – make existing clients feel valued by sharing exclusive how-to guides and thought leadership with them; giving clients the tools to improve their business performance cements the perceived value of your working relationship – and that’s a boost to client retention
  • Promote your content through socialget busy with your social media activity and share your valuable content with your followers and online networks

Marketing your business isn’t a one-way street

Clients put a lot of faith in their accountants – for many, their business is their livelihood. That level of trust doesn’t happen overnight. It comes down to building more meaningful relationships and sharing deeper strategic guidance and advice. By researching new topics, writing up-to-the-minute content, and engaging through social media, you’ll keep your thinking fresh, updated, and more in tune with the mindset and advice your clients need to grow their businesses.


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