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Can I Outsource Leadership?

The biggest challenge in business stems from 'TLT' - too little time.

One of the best solutions to TLT (Too Little Time) is to delegate more, either to existing team members or to people external to the business (outsourcing). 
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It's as simple as looking at the number of hats you are wearing to see if you can delegate any of them.

What are the 10 hats in every business?

1. Shareholder.
2. Director.
3. Leadership.
4. Product or Service Development.
5. Operations.
6. Marketing.
7. Sales.
8. Finance.
9. HR.
10. Administration / IT.

So can we delegate or outsource the leadership of our business?

To answer this question we need to understand what the key responsibilities of leadership are:
  • Implementation of the plan and monitoring of progress
  • Providing a framework for innovation and business improvement
  • Motivating, inspiring and engaging the team
  • Ensuring effective communication
  • Defining your business culture and ensuring values are lived into


Leadership is the single most important department in any business.

In my view, if you seek to delegate or outsource this department you are essentially abdicating all responsibility for the business delivering on the plan. 

Of course most people don't delegate or outsource this role – they simply neglect it as they just have TLT. They are in denial and they make excuses as to why they can't lead well.

If this is you then put the leadership hat firmly back on and find the other hats you need to take off. Then, as leader, it is your job to empower others in your business to step up and manage the other departments. 

Give the team your TLC not TLT.

If you don't lead well then your team will outsource themselves to your competition!
'A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.'
- John C. Maxwell
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